In accordance to the vision given to my father Bro. D.G.S Dhinakaran the Bethesda Prayer Centre was established in 1993. The Lord said "To those who travail in body, mind and spirit, and yearn to receive My healing touch, raise a structure like the 'Bethesda' of the days of the Bible". True to this promise, the Lord has been blessing countless people, who throng the Bethesda Prayer Centre every day.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of Bethesda in 2017, we are planning to construct new counselling rooms, renovate the Dome Chapel, Pool area, Stations of the Cross, upgrade the Guest rooms, provide for people to carry holy water for drinking purpose, renovate the Pathway, to set up Karunya Help desk at the Bethesda reception lobby to encourage the visitors for free campus tours and to modify the entire Bethesda landscaping. I invite you to join with us to establish these renewing services for millions to receive comfort, hope, healing and salvation. As you prayerfully support this service your reward shall be really great not only on this earth but more importantly in Heaven as these souls will be added into your account.

Blessing for praying in Bethesda

testimony We got married in 2003. We had no child. We undertook so many treatments but in vain and hence we were broken hearted. At this juncture we came to the Bethesda Prayer Centre and prayed with faith that somehow God should bless us with a child. The Lord, who heard the prayer offered in the Bethesda Prayer Centre, blessed us with a boy baby in 2014, the tenth anniversary of our wedding. Praise be to Jesus, who fulfilled our longing!

- Mrs & Mr. Clifford, Chennai.