Chase The Tormentor By Forgiving

Speaker: Dr. D.G.S. Dhinakaran

Gist: Forgive the sins of your brother then your sins will also be forgiven. No matter what race we belong to, Satan is the only enemy common to all of us. My dear Friend, let us not allow Satan to torment us.

This is exactly how my father in Heaven will treat each one of you. Unless you forgive your brother whole-heartedly of all trespasses whatsoever befell that wicked servant (as told in Matthew 18:23-35) would surely come true in your life. In other words, you would be handed over to the tormentors if you do not forgive the trespasses of your brother.

My dear Friend, I tremble at these words. The Bible says in Matthew 4:23, Luke 4:40 "they brought to Him all sick people who were afflicted with various diseases and torments, and those who were demon-possessed, epileptics, and paralytics; and He healed them" (Matthew 4:23). Most of the people whom He healed, had been handed over to the tormentors for their wicked living.

With great fear I sought the Bible to find out whether it is true even today. The Bible says that you are expected to obey the commandments and laws of God both small and big (Matthew 5:19, James 2:10 and Galatians 3:10). If you do not forgive the sins of your brother then your sins will also not be forgiven. You may have obeyed all the other commands of the Lord but if you neglect or forget to obey this one small and important command you will be put into the hands of the tormentors. Torment will surely come because God is the one who would hand you over to the tormentors. God is a righteous judge who is angry with the wicked people everyday (Psalms 7:11). Just as He was angry with the wicked servant He would also be angry with you and me if we do not forgive.

The throne of God according to the Bible is a throne of grace and mercy. (Hebrews 4:16; Numbers 7:89) But what is the foundation of His throne? Justice and judgement are the foundations of His throne (Psalms 9:7; 97:2). On the one side it is grace and mercy while on the other it is justice and judgement. What is the law code by which a man is charged by God? How and on what does He base His judgement? If a man treats another man without mercy, then his judgement will also be without mercy (James 2:13). If you do not show mercy to another person because of the trespasses that he or she has done to you then the same law will apply to you and me.

There is a special person to torment us. Satan is the murderer of the people and the tormentor of the human race (John 8:44). The Bible says that the evil one comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). No matter what race we belong to, Satan is the only enemy common to all of us.

There lived a righteous and holy man called Job, loved by God. Satan one day approached God and said, "You are protecting Job and his household and therefore he serves You. Take away Your protection then he would show his true colour" (Job 1:10-12). God said, "Satan! He is in your hands. Whatever you want to do you may. But don't destroy his life." Having received God's permission, immediately he destroyed all his movable properties and killed his ten children. However, Job clung to the Lord. Again Satan said, "Lord stretch forth Your hand and touch his bone and flesh. Then surely he will deny You" (Job 2:5,6). God said, "You can do that but don 't touch his life." Immediately Satan afflicted him with sores and painful boils. Job cried out, "Wounds after wounds are coming to me" (Job 16:14) Initially his heart was broken following which his body was broken. Job says, "If my grief and calamity could be weighed, it would be heavier than the sands of the sea " (Job 6:2, 3). This is what is called as torment. Satan is a tormentor whose only desire is to torment you and me. However, he cannot touch us until God gives him the permission to do so.

The above incident happened during the Old Testament time. What about the New Testament? Apostle Paul says that he had handed over two persons into the hands of Satan so that they may be destroyed (1 Corinthians 5:5; 1 Timothy 5:20). My dear Friend, let us not allow the murderer and tormentor, Satan to enter and torment us. By forgiving your fellowmen let us chase the tormentor.


Loving and gracious Lord Jesus Christ,

I confess that many a times |I am unable to forgive my fellowmen despite having received many goodness from Your loving hands. I request You to forgive my sins and release me from any torments that is hurting me. Give me Your grace to flee from the tormentor and allow him no entry into my heart. May I always learn to forgive others and be generous in my reach out so that I may reflect Your virtues in my life. Bless me this day and protect me from the evil one.

All glory, honour and praises belong to You alone.